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Publish.org is a non-profit for quality open journalism. We are a Community Interest Company based in the UK. The team is building this platform so we can foster a global community of people committed to supporting and creating great journalism together.

Along with the core team, we have an editorial board, to help steer the type of journalism that is produced at Publish.org.

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  • Sarah Hartley — Editor

    Sarah is a journalism innovator and manager at Google’s Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund. She also delivers journalism training across the world. Sarah worked at Guardian Media Group for over a decade on products including ManchesterEveningNews.co.uk, Guardian Local, n0tice.com and Contributoria.com.

  • Dean Vipond — Design director

    Dean is an interaction and visual designer, formerly of Orange, and has worked with BBC, Channel 4, and various startups. He was also the creative director of Contributoria.com

  • Dan Catt — CTO

    Dan was an early member of the Flickr team, and worked at The Guardian for several years inventing new journalism tools. He is also an artist, creating works using technology and data.

  • Matt McAlister — CEO

    Matt has led the digital business at print publications including The Industry Standard where he was a founding team member in 1997. He drove open data initiatives at big media companies such as Yahoo! and The Guardian. Matt is also a co-founder of Kaleida.

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