FAQ: How to submit a pitch

If you plan to pitch a story proposal via Publish.org then please follow these best practices. They are similar to the kinds of things writers must consider when pitching any professional publisher.


This should be a proposed headline. It should explain the topic of the story and be straightforward. Avoid puns or clever word play as that can be confusing. We’re looking for a few precise words on exactly what you’re interested in writing about.


This should be an outline of the article you wish to work on. Please do read the guidance here before starting out on the pitch:

  1. Don’t send fully written pieces

The description needs to be detailed enough that the Publish.org community can assess the idea, but it shouldn’t be the completed article. Your pitch is more likely to be commissioned if it can explore a specific element of the story that has yet to be considered or published elsewhere.

  1. Keep it brief and simple

Pitches for a 700-800 word article don’t need to be more than a few paragraphs long. We’re just looking for an outline of what you’d like to write about plus any details that help bring the subject to life and explain why it’s important for your story to be published.

  1. Outline the sources to be used

We don’t, of course, expect you to give over the exact contacts to be used in the article but please do describe the types of sources you’ll be using. Eg. “interview with a head teacher” or “analysis of government statistics”.

  1. Send over one idea at a time

If you submit a single idea, it makes it much easier for the Publish.org community to consider the pitch properly and it means you can ensure that the idea has been developed with the specific channel or topic in mind.

  1. Explain why this piece needs to be written right now

Many pieces are news reactive, so they respond to a specific news story that has recently broken but they don’t have to be and fresh topics and issues are most welcome so please set the context for the piece you are pitching.

  1. Explain why you’re the best person to write this piece

This is a very important point. Perhaps you’re an expert in the particular subject you’d like to write about, or you have a personal story that will bring readers new insight into an aspect of the issue. Tell us why you’re the right person to write this particular story. It’s also worth mentioning the writing experience you’ve had in the past, but don’t be put off pitching a piece simply because you haven’t been already been published widely. Do complete your personal profile on the website with details of your background and previous work as that will help to back up every pitch you do here at Publish.org.

Good luck!